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Monday, November 07, 2011

Toon Town

It felt like I was in the movie Grinch as I walked by these cute little town called Toon Town. We didn't do any rides in these part of the park because all I could think of was more pictures!

* Charming

* Charming...

* Charming.....................

*..... little town

* Goofing at the Gazebo

* Dog pound... such cute puppies...

* My favorite hound

* Split?!

* Looks like an ice cream parlor outside eh?

* This facade are actually snack stands

* Kimi referred to Mickey clock as like Grandpa doing Tai Chi ha ha!

* Multi drawers...

* Water fountain for the thirsty park hoppers

* Vroooom!

* Need Gas?

* Little Kimi

* Miss my shoti... Can I call here mommy?

* * * * *
Disneyland Park
Anaheim, California

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