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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Universal Studio's Character

Before going to Universal Studio, I didn't realize that they have a lot of mascots under their studio.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of familiar characters when we went there with Kimi. Even Kimi got excited over the characters that she found in the studio.

* Shrek

She knows Shrek from the movie she recently watched that was a Halloween Specials. Good timing Mommy.

* Spongbob

She recognized this character from the cartoon channels but I don't let her watch this cartoon.

* Curious George

This one she actually watches at home.

* The Simpsons

She is not familiar with this family but she was more than happy to take a shot with them especially since Maggie Simpson sort of gone maternal with her.

* Mommy Maggie with Kimi

* Dora

This is a no brainer. Kimi adores Dora...Si? SI!
She was a bit disappointed that Diego was not around.

* Hmm... Woody woodpecker?

I don't know who they are but if it's Woody Woodpecker why are there two of them?

Same with this guys. Just so cute decided to take a picture with them too.

* * * * *
Los Angeles, California

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