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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Universal Studio, California

We spent our 5th day in the Famous Universal Studio.

I chose the following areas to visit based on the ticket entrance included in the CITYPASS
it was more practical to buy one ticket for several attraction as it got a big discount than doing it individually.
I don't mind going to whatever attractions included in the citypass since it was our first time but it was a good selection if you are going as a family.

The next time we go, I might do a different way of buying attraction tickets. :)

* Universal Studio, San Diego

We (Kimi and I) recently went to Universal Studio, Singapore but it was only outside...
This time around, we really went in to look around what is inside the studio.

* The red carpet...

* The stars (toink!)

* Photoland

I love how Disney does their photo pass better. It was more centralized and organized unlike the one here wherein some of the photos was not yet available when we went to check our photos in the photoland. Disney has one card you can hold on to wherein all the pictures are there, while the one in universal studio has one card for every pictures shot so the loading of the pictures takes more time since they had to scan each card separately.

* Uh-oh

* Backdrop of the  Hollywood sign

* * * * *
Los Angeles, California

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