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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Welcome to Los Angeles :)

It was a vacation one year in the making. I almost booked a ticket a year before but hubby told me that it was too early to bring Kenzo along for such a flight. 

One year later, Kenzo was supposed to be included in this family vacation but got sick last minute and was left behind so that he can rest and bond with his grandparents. It was actually a bit of a blessing as we had a full schedule and it will really tire out Kenzo plus he has a tendency to make a scene when tired :(.

I am pretty confident about Kimi because I've traveled with her on a 13 hour flight to Manila last March and she really behaved even when she was tired and hungry. She just leans on my shoulder when tired and grabs a  bit of a sleep in between meet ups. 

* Kimi listens to the airplane instruction and promptly secured her seat belt as per instruction

 * Cute tag line

* * *
"Don't think of this as a flight,
but a long coffee break."

Ver fetched us at the airport and after a couple of freeways, highways......

Vince and Kimi met again...

* Hiya old friend!

A quick lunch and we were off to meet old friends from college (yey!)

* Ready to roll

Old Town Pasadena. The Cheesecake Factory
The food shots from my iphone got deleted :(. It├Ęs a good thing I sent this two images so I was able to find it via my laptop.

* Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese

* Four Season Pizza

It was more than half an hour wait but we spent that time trying to catch up on what is up with each other.

* Girls only :)

* Chua Family

* Jenny and her newest bundle of joy

* Another shot

* With Ate Raquel (Jen's older sis)
(L-R: Kc, Kimi, Mel, Honey, Jenny, Hudson, Raquel, Faith)

* Whole Gang

We decided to wait at the Apple Store for our car and tinkered with the sample products...

* Phone Booth application kept the kids and kids at heart busy

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