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Monday, November 07, 2011

World of Colors

World of Colors. 

When we got to the place where the show was supposed to present, I looked at the water and thought to myself, this might be a bigger scale fountain show like the one in Aberdeen Mall or probably something like Bellagio's fountain. I should have known better. Disney's World of Color is much more than the other two.

Where Aberdeen's fountain is just water swaying to the sound of the music and Bellagio had some fire effects. Disney's world of Color had all of that plus more. They had projections of favorite Disney characters to add to the full effect of the show.
 I got the whole show on my you tube but I was talking a lot on the clips... he he!

The real show was way much better than in my video. I wish I was able to do a repeat without a camera on my hands to record... Maybe next visit :)

* Paradise Pier

* World of Color Stage with Mickey's Fun Wheel at the Background

* Eager audience, eyes wide open.

I have decided to share this post as well to Delicious Baby's Photo Friday (Travel Photos). Try and see the other places around the world through her blog :)

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California Adventure
Disneyland Park
Anaheim, California

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