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Friday, December 30, 2011

Desserts Incorporated

This year, I was assigned to do the desserts for our annual New Years Eve party at home.

I was itching to try out some recipes I have found online. Something that looks good yet easy for me to make.

I just love Glorious Treat's Rainbow Jello I googled during the preparation for the kid's birthday, hoping to add them to Kimi and Kenzo's Birthday this year, but was not able to make it because I was so busy with the last minute details days before the party.

Armed with a couple of jellos in different colors and a tub of cool whip to put in between each color. I went to work... for the whole day!

* Red (strawberry) Jello and a layer of cool whip
(...around 1 pm)

* At layer 3...
(...around 4 pm)

* Finish product
(...around 8 pm)

* Oooh la la!!! I hope these tastes as good as it looks :)

Kimi was so helpful with the cool whip layer. She does the wiggling of the cup from side to side to keep it leveled for the next jello. Thank you Kimi!

* Proudly made by Mommy and Kimi

* * * * *
As for the red velvet cupcake, I love chocolate and hubby doesn't like it at all. This is a good way to cover up the color of chocolate and probably get him to eat without realizing that it is actually chocolate-flavored :) he he! Fingers crossed. I just picked up a recipe based on the reviews and ratings I've seen. Simple! :) The better the rating, the bigger the chance that it's good, right?

I was a bit hesitant to put the whole bottle of coloring as the recipe called for. It was in oz , and I wasn't sure because all the cups I have are in ml... It turned out correct though. Thank you google and conversion applications!

I love the cheesecake icing. I could eat them without the cupcake but of course, I should not

* * * * *
Happy New Year

Wishing you all a sweet year ahead 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun with Beads

Finally! We got to squeeze a play date with the cousins before the winter break comes to an end.

Girls love crafts naturally, and craft is a great way to let them wind down and have a quiet(er) time for us moms.

* Beads and plastic pegboard

Who says that this simple art would keep the kids occupied for awhile... And it's good for their focus as well as improves their motor skills. Great suggestion for a play date Anne. This kit was labelled for 5+ but I knew Kimi, she loves a good challenge when it comes to craft so...

* Kimi doing a star pattern. Little hands for this little boards.
Utmost concentration and a visual eye for beauty

 Outer part first, safe pattern then she was willing to be adventurous as she got more to the center 

* Beads complete and ready for ironing

* Kimi's first work of art

Caitlyn, on the other hand, decided to do a nail polish for her project. She copied a template from an old bead art project before.

* Want a maniped anyone?

* Caitlyn and her beauty art

Avery, relied on her imagination and being into princess at this stage. She wanted to make Tinkerbell for her art.

* Great Job Avery, complete with a headband and a ribbon too!

Ironing was the exciting part.

* Parchment paper over the boards to keep the beads sticking into the iron

Beware of getting it stuck to the beads long or the beads will melt and the circle pattern will be gone.

* Final product

More projects after... 
* Bead Art Gallery

* * * * *
Thank you Anne 
for having us over

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wilton Course 1- Completed!

I confess. I am a frustrated baker.

I really wanted to do baking ever since I was a kid but baking good seems to elude me during my younger years with an old oven that needs a thermometer to supervise the temperature inside. It was tedious to get the oven to work well and the result of my baking adventures has always been un-encouraging.

I never ventured into baking after that but when I set foot here in Canada, I finally saw my new haven, Michaels. With all the crafts imaginable in every aisle, my earlier frustrations seemed to haunt me once again. I put baking into my personal must do lists and went on with my life adjusting to my new Canadian life.

Forward to a few years adjusting, I got myself a new oven that seems to be easier to operate. I decided to try my hand at a cake decorating class, first. I figured that decorating, I have a background on and I thought that I will try to learn baking afterwards... toink!

I am so happy that I was able to complete the course 1 of baking with my sanity intact :)

* Course 1: Decorating Basics

First day was easy, we had to bring a cookie and the kit needed for the course. No stress here :)

* Tips and Technique Class

* Cookie Decorating 101

Second class was a bit stressful for me. We were required to bake a cake and bring them to class. We were to do leveling (optional), and icing of the entire cake. I did the cake early and got 2 boxes of ready mix cake, in case the first one fails, I have another on hand. I was on edge when I got the cake out of the oven and couldn't sit still until i was able to transfer the cake in one piece into the cake caddy.

* Perfect for Kenzo's upcoming birthday

Third class assignment was easier. We were required to bring cupcakes. I have experienced with cupcake and what are ready mix for? This was a piece of cake (No pun intended)

* Flower techniques 101

Fourth class was cake once again. We had to bake a cake and ice them at home. I was a bit positive because I had a ready mix in my cupboard (remember the one from 2nd class?). I was crushed when I saw the middle part of my newly baked cake didn't actually cooked as it was supposed to and it look like a well when I transfered it into the cooling rack...uh-oh!

It was a good thing though that my cake was high enough and I decided to cut that part that flopped and my cake was a bit low but it was leveled and it will have to do :(

Confidence level: Low again!

This time around we were taught how to do lettering and roses with the use of a decorating nail set.

I decided to take a picture of my seat mate's cake for our last class... 

* Daphne's cake

* Mona's cake

*...and mine :)

* * * * *
Michaels Craft Store
Burnaby, B.C.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Dinner

Nothing would keep us from celebrating every event imaginable...

It is the happiness of being in each other company that gets this event going each year.

Great food...great friends... kids keeping themselves occupied. Perfect!
...and with a chef (Jason)  and a kitchen goddess (Joy) in the midst of our group, 
the food was exceptionally superb this year

* Our Sumptuous Table

I will do my best to named the dishes...I was so busy filling up myself with these delicious dishes I forgot to ask the name of some of them... he he!

* Crackers with dip 
courtesy of Joy

* Mashed Potato baked to golden brown perfection
courtesy of Steve and Sarah, cooking skills by Chef Jason

* Deep Fried Potato Skin
courtesy of Chef Jason and Char

* Embutido Balls (I think the middle part is scrambled eggs)
courtesy of Jason and Char

* Fried Pepper Porkchop  
courtesy of Rex and Jo 

* Lechon Kawali
courtesy of Karl and Mel

* Sliced Porkloin with Veggies
courtesy of Steve and Sarah, cooking skills by Chef Jason 

* Chicken Fettucini Alfredo
courtesy of Joy

Charlie did his specialty....YUMMY!

* Roasted Chicken
courtesy of Charlie

* Lengua
courtesy of Warren and Glenda (Home-cooked)

courtesy of Joy 

* Cathedral Jello
courtesy of Wilbert

* Caramel Popcorn

 * Banana Bread Slices
courtesy of Wilbert

Of course, we got shots of the people as well :)

* Kenzo by his lonesome

I was so happy to get a picture of Kenzo with my pocket camera :) Thank you Kenzo for staying still long enough for me to get a good picture :)

* Kenzo and Kimi

* So grownup Kalen

* Kenzo soooo happy with his loot

* Samantha and Kimi.... Together Again

* Why the big eyes Kimi?

...and from the professional photographer of the group, Charlie

* Batch 2011, Boxing Day Elite Food Group ;)

The kids had their exchange gift draw a few days before the party, we decided to push through with another exchange gift for the kids with the help of Elfster :).

* Kids with their loots, ready to do their exchange gifts

...will post more picture from Photographer Steve, as well, as soon as I got them :)

Thanks Charlie for the video once again

Thank you Charlie and Joy for  hosting

* * * * *
Surrey, B.C.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kimichua-ism about Santa Claus

Grandpa decided to do the filling of the stockings from Santa Claus this year...

* Kimi, Mommy and Kenzo 

Aberdeen Centre
Richmond, B.C.

(On Christmas Day)
Grandpa: Look Kimi! there is something for you from Santa
(Looks inside the stockings, found some candies that is very familiar. Note: Candy that grandpa gives her everytime) 
Kimi: You're so funny Grandpa, This is not from Santa Claus, this is from you!
Grandpa: Errr, (trying to collect his thought) I gave this to Santa Claus, Kimi... How about this one? (Getting a new candy...unfamiliar to Kimi)
Kimi: Uhmm, maybe that is from Santa

Good Save Grandpa he he!


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