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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Art and Crafts Party People...

I was fretting over next day's party the night before.

I was over thinking the things that might go wrong... I know, More positive thinking...

I am lucky I got friends who lend a hand for the setup and for the pickup of the foods for the event.

First off, the THANK YOUS

Thanks to my in laws for keeping the kids occupied while we do the setup. my mother in law for making some food as contribution too the party my father in law, who fed Kenzo during the party, 

just so we can entertain the guests without interruptions.

Thank you to Stone and Twinny for picking up the food for the party.

* Stone the bartender weaving his magic to the punch

To those who doesn't recognize him, he was  the cotton candy guy last year he he!

* The Balloon Family

* Mommy Glenda and Kalen 
To Warren, Glenda, Kalen and Justin. Thank you for being the impromptu balloonist and decorating the place with balloons.

Thank you to Wilbert for doing the photograph through my camera.

Thank you to Kate, Steve and Charlie for doing the photos via your lenses.

To Eron, who came early both for last year and this year just to help out and move items to and from the party and car.

*** GUESTS ***

* Les, Eron, Stone, Kate and Car

* Kate, Car and Twins
My personal Fairy Party godmothers...

* Me and Car plus Little Kimi

* Thanks for all the magic you guys added to the party :)

* Mel with Van and Misha

* The Wang Family
(Alaric and Vanessa with daughters Krysten and Misha)

* Grandpa is the temporary nanny for today

* Old neighbors obviously miss each other

* Birthday celebrants

* Another shot... :)

* Relatives: Uncle Alfonso, Auntie Felisa, Papa Arsenio and Kenzo

* Me and my Little guy

* Dy Family
(Jeffrey and Roselle with kids)

* With the Navarro Family
(Ej and Les with Baby Theo plus Mel and Kenzo)

* Baby Theo cutie pose....

* Mommy Jo and Ryker

Meanwhile, the birthday girl was excited over her spaghetti more than the event happening around her ha ha!

* This is good!

* Really good...

* Ching and Go Family
( Auntie Felisa, Caitlyn, Uncle Alfonso, Chris, Anne and Avery)

* Krysten and Kalen excited over making their arts

* Misha poses...

* ...another pose...

* And one with me :)

* Braden with his personalized Art Kit

* Papa Alaric with Krysten and Birthday girl, Kimi

* Mommy Joy and Little Macky

* The Ng Family
(Daddy Charlie and Mommy Joy with Braden and Mack with bestfriend Ryker)

* Steve, Jo, Kalen and Glenda

* Hi Little Guy! Kenzo all alone

* Lighting up the candles

* Cake-struck

* Kimi blows her candle

* Kenzo`s turn for his

* Family picture

 * Cutting of the cake

* Kenzo all messed up

* Kate and Justin with the Rainbow Push pop

* Family of Three

* Navarro and Chua Family :)

* Macky figuring out how to eat the Push Pop

* Samantha taking a bite of the Cake pops...
even the inside is colorful too! Love this!

* Uhmmmmm Yum!

* Baby Theo with his crayola pillow

...and now the group that goes beyond friendship to sisterhood.

* Jo, Mel, Glenda and Joy
...Sarah wish you were here!

* With the Tree

*...and another tree.... 

Thanks to the creative eye of Charlie on these 3 shots

* Twinny, Kenzo and Kate :)

* Kids at work....Doll making

* Dy and Chua Family

....almost time to go home

* Glenda and Joy

* Steve and Sam

* Kimi as the girl from UP he he!

* I got all the balloons!

....and the clean up crew, Stone know who you are guys! Thanks for staying a few more minutes to help with the packing up :)

* Kate and Twins... 

...Did I say thank you to you two again 
... and to Eron again for the pack up

* Auntie Felisa and Pao Pei Caitlyn

* Kenzo serving his sentence for not listening
Time out :)

* I`m so sad the party is over! Boo hoo!

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