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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Arts and Crafts Party Details

Previously, I have shared to you the invites to our Arts and Crafts Party.

I have divulged as well the reason of an arts and crafts party was because of how it can be for both boys and girls. Another reason was that, back in Summer, I was telling the mommies I planned to host an Arts and Crafts Playdate for the kids but the Summer was short and unfortunately did not push through.

So, I would like to share our Party details which we accomplished less than a month before the party.

Hubby and I usually divide the party must do's between us.

Decors and Desserts to me; Venue and Food proper to him.

* Menu Labels

-Lunch Menu-

Potato Salad
Java Rice
Asado Platter
Chinese Birthday Noodles
Turkey (courtesy of Mother in Law)
Lumpiang Shanghai
Beef andVegetables

* Artist's Loot Bags

Thanks to my friend Honey who stocked these goodies temporarily at her house for me to pick up when I went to visit her. It was also her who purchased this items for me before I arrived. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

* Artist Toolbox includes all the necessary things to make creative things ;)

* Aprons to keep them clothes clean 
...and color pencil for mess free art

* For the Budding artist that doesn't do art...yet
(Translations: Babies!)

* Baby boom! Lots of babies in the group

Again, Thanks to Honey for being my temporary storage for these cute stuff toy giveaways...

* Paper Rosette... Crafty time with Kimi
For the backdrops.

* More Rosettes....

A little craft time with Kimi. We made these rosettes just to add some texture and color to the plain walls of the area.

* Duck Tape for labels...

 ...and my favorite, the sweets!

I found some easel that are quite cheap. I forgot the price but I know that it's 2 for less than $5 and decided to buy it without even thinking what I'll use it for. I printed some letters to label of the sweetest part of the party - THE DESSERT!

* Easel Labels... Sweet Tooth Corner!

I wasn't planning on making a whole bunch of desserts but as I searched through ideas, there were a lot of nice stuffs that I decided to do more than just the traditional cake. I got a lot of pictures and even instructions and recipe. I even tried cake pops on my own a few months ago but it was not holding onto the stick so I decided to pay and ask someone else to do it for me. I just gave my ideas, pictures with specific instructions and just keep my fingers crossed that they'll be able to do my demands with my not so high budget ;)

*Ferrero, Push Pop, Cake Pops... Water and Frappe to clean the palate (palette)

- Dessert/Sweets Menu-

Fruit Salad
Ferrero Rocher
Rainbow Push Pop
Cupcake Cake Pop
Red Velvet Cupcake
Arts and Crafts Cake

* Red Velvet Cupcake
By: Sha Chan
(photo courtesy of Kate Tan)

* Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cupcake Cake Pops
By: Sha Chan

I wanted more than the basic cake pop for the party. I asked if she could make cupcake design on a cake pop. Thanks for doing the cupcake design Sha!

As for the rainbow push pop, I purchased the container a few months back with a dozen for trial and a dozen for the party. I never got around to doing a practice and gave all the containers to Car to make these not so easy layering for me. 

* Push Pop
By: Char Chuakaw

* Lovely Colors...

The finale is always the cake and for this I have detailed pictures with recipe. I originally wanted a plain white outer layer with doodles on the outside then when cut a whole range of colors like a rainbow inside. I also found a cake with ruffles which I loved and had to call her to add that to my details of the cake. Car was not able to do the doodles because of the ingredients used and because of some technical reason, she changed the design a bit of the outside doodle with a more specific artsy detail. I was happy with the result and it was more unique than what I originally planned. Thanks Car for this cake :)...and also Kate for assisting with the making of these pastries as well.

* Rainbow Cake Up close
(photo courtesy of Kate Tan)

* Artist Cake
By: Char Chuakaw

* Rainbow Layering

I was more excited than the birthday celebrants when it was finally the cutting of the cake :)
and you can see from the above picture why.... Such nice surprise inside the plain outer layer plus the fact that it was good doesn't hurt either :)

* * * * *
Kimi and Kenzo's Birthday Party
Burnaby, B.C.

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