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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Dinner

Nothing would keep us from celebrating every event imaginable...

It is the happiness of being in each other company that gets this event going each year.

Great food...great friends... kids keeping themselves occupied. Perfect!
...and with a chef (Jason)  and a kitchen goddess (Joy) in the midst of our group, 
the food was exceptionally superb this year

* Our Sumptuous Table

I will do my best to named the dishes...I was so busy filling up myself with these delicious dishes I forgot to ask the name of some of them... he he!

* Crackers with dip 
courtesy of Joy

* Mashed Potato baked to golden brown perfection
courtesy of Steve and Sarah, cooking skills by Chef Jason

* Deep Fried Potato Skin
courtesy of Chef Jason and Char

* Embutido Balls (I think the middle part is scrambled eggs)
courtesy of Jason and Char

* Fried Pepper Porkchop  
courtesy of Rex and Jo 

* Lechon Kawali
courtesy of Karl and Mel

* Sliced Porkloin with Veggies
courtesy of Steve and Sarah, cooking skills by Chef Jason 

* Chicken Fettucini Alfredo
courtesy of Joy

Charlie did his specialty....YUMMY!

* Roasted Chicken
courtesy of Charlie

* Lengua
courtesy of Warren and Glenda (Home-cooked)

courtesy of Joy 

* Cathedral Jello
courtesy of Wilbert

* Caramel Popcorn

 * Banana Bread Slices
courtesy of Wilbert

Of course, we got shots of the people as well :)

* Kenzo by his lonesome

I was so happy to get a picture of Kenzo with my pocket camera :) Thank you Kenzo for staying still long enough for me to get a good picture :)

* Kenzo and Kimi

* So grownup Kalen

* Kenzo soooo happy with his loot

* Samantha and Kimi.... Together Again

* Why the big eyes Kimi?

...and from the professional photographer of the group, Charlie

* Batch 2011, Boxing Day Elite Food Group ;)

The kids had their exchange gift draw a few days before the party, we decided to push through with another exchange gift for the kids with the help of Elfster :).

* Kids with their loots, ready to do their exchange gifts

...will post more picture from Photographer Steve, as well, as soon as I got them :)

Thanks Charlie for the video once again

Thank you Charlie and Joy for  hosting

* * * * *
Surrey, B.C.

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