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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas from a distance... Near and Far... :)

Christmas is the time when I think of celebration back home the most.

* Christmas 2011
 Manila, Philippines

December has always been a celebration as I was growing up back then. We do triple celebration on the 23rd and 24th every year. Cousin Eileen on the 23rd, 

* Birthday girl, Eileen
Taken at  March 2011, Serendra, Philippines

and Cousin Jason and my Grandmother from my mom's side on the 24th plus the actual Christmas Day. 

* Birthday Boy, Jason... based in Singapore
Taken March 2011, Singapore

* Birthday Grandmom, Juliana
Taken March 2011, Philippines

We do a lot (A LOT) of fireworks and potluck. This is one of those rare moments that we are all complete in one place. End of the year is an event as well then, with my aunt's (Betty) birthday on the 31st and my mom starting the year with her birthday as well as New Year. 

* Birthday Aunt, Betty
Taken March 2011, Philippines

* Birthday Mom,  Judy
Taken March 2011, Philippines

I guess Christmas is different now than it was before anyway, with a lot of us away from home, but still I miss those good old times.

* * * * *

It is just a treat for me when I get something for Christmas here that was sent all the way from the Philippines or my friends from places like U.S. and Dubai. It makes me feel nostalgic and a girl once again, all giddy with excitement to be remembered by their classmate back in elementary during Christmas mail back in school. 

FYI: Our school used to have a program that send Christmas mail from classroom to classroom when I was in elementary to high school. You can drop little messages in our lobby during break and someone will deliver those little greetings from room to room during class hours. That was one of my favorite things in school during Christmas time.

To those friend who are far, far away and still manage to send a greeting my way, thank you very much for the small thoughtful gesture :)
it may seem small to you, but it meant a whole lot to me.
Some were personalized...

* Cham Family from Richmond, B.C.; Canada

* Cuervo Family from U.S.A.

Thank you for the nice personalized card... LOVE IT! Maybe next time we can make something like this ;)

* Ninang KC to Kenzo

Kimi will be so jealous with this book :-P and I will try to keep Kenzo still to finish this entire book. I just love this book a lot... Thanks KC :)

* * * * *

Some came via package in our mail...

* Agbada's Package

Thank Kiko and Kc who had a gift for everyone in our family :)

* * * * *

...and from the friends that I have found here
Countless thank you for making Vancouver a home that I wanted to stay in now 
It's because of you guys that I have found friends that feels more like a family to me...

* Glenda, Sarah, Joy and Jo

Thank you for the valuable friendship... Love you guys!

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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