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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas with the Chuas 2011

It is that time of the year to bring out the ornaments and decorate the whole house once again with little balls and socks.

I was not able to purchase new ornaments this year aside from the angel on top of our tree.

Last year, we had red, greens and golds. I bought some ornaments on sale last year for this year's color theme.

Aqua/ Turquoise, Fuchsia, Olive greens, Oranges...etc for the tree this year...

* Our Tree 2011

* Angels we have heard on high....

First off, my favorite decors are the one made by little hands.... Kimi.

* Moose made out of cardboard

* Little Twirlies as decor

...the store-bought

* This decor is the palette we based the color of our tree decor from

* Red bulb sparkles as decor

* Turquoise bulb in shiny gloss

* Plain with Stripes 

* My personal favorite... clear globe with little snows inside
Snowman head decor

....and from last year

* Stocking in the mirror

* Back to reds and greens and golds on this part of the house

* Christmas tree made of clay by Mom and Kimi
Santa decor from 2009- Kimi's Birthday
Reindeer was a gift from Hubby's Christmas Party last night

* Nutcracker from last year
Miniature tree from Hubby... re-use
Miniature tree skirt from the nearby dollar store :)

* Wreath from the past with Christmas balls incorporated on the sides

... and the reason for the season

* The Birth of Christ
Little People Toy Set from my Brother

We got this one 2007, the year Kimi was born and we get this out every year for Christmas.

* * * * *


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