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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun with Beads

Finally! We got to squeeze a play date with the cousins before the winter break comes to an end.

Girls love crafts naturally, and craft is a great way to let them wind down and have a quiet(er) time for us moms.

* Beads and plastic pegboard

Who says that this simple art would keep the kids occupied for awhile... And it's good for their focus as well as improves their motor skills. Great suggestion for a play date Anne. This kit was labelled for 5+ but I knew Kimi, she loves a good challenge when it comes to craft so...

* Kimi doing a star pattern. Little hands for this little boards.
Utmost concentration and a visual eye for beauty

 Outer part first, safe pattern then she was willing to be adventurous as she got more to the center 

* Beads complete and ready for ironing

* Kimi's first work of art

Caitlyn, on the other hand, decided to do a nail polish for her project. She copied a template from an old bead art project before.

* Want a maniped anyone?

* Caitlyn and her beauty art

Avery, relied on her imagination and being into princess at this stage. She wanted to make Tinkerbell for her art.

* Great Job Avery, complete with a headband and a ribbon too!

Ironing was the exciting part.

* Parchment paper over the boards to keep the beads sticking into the iron

Beware of getting it stuck to the beads long or the beads will melt and the circle pattern will be gone.

* Final product

More projects after... 
* Bead Art Gallery

* * * * *
Thank you Anne 
for having us over

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