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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenzo @ 2 years

Terrible... (or Terrific) Two? That is the question. He is a bit of both but he is 100% lovable.

This little guy has added "backpack", "clock" (pointing to upwards), "shoes" to his vocabulary. He says "Thenk yuuu" whenever someone hands him something. He kiss with a smack now and not a fake sound like he does before. He points to his feet when asked to say "feet" and kicks his feet back and forth when he is excited. He loves his "gummies" and runs to the pantry and points, making sounds only he understand pointing  forward to let someone get his reward. 

Whenever he sees all of us going down, he runs to his grandparents to give each of them a quick kiss then runs halfway to give a quick wave and a flying kiss, gives me his hands so that we can go down the stairs together. I just can't get enough of this little guy!

I love how he wakes up in the middle of the night, scooting over to my side and sighing contentedly when he finds me still in bed with him. He will complain in his own baby language, expressing his unhappiness, when he can't find me in bed when he wakes up. He also loves to play mischief when he wakes up. He goes to the end of the bed and pretend to put his head out on the edge while half of him is in the mattress, trying to evoke a reaction from me, it never fails to get me into action and tries to hold onto his feet in case he really does falls. 

He has a thing with pants right now and wearing all the pants he could find within his reach even with a pants on, he will try to wear another on on top of it. It's just so cute. he loves to wear socks all by himself as well and shoes.

Today, he is finally 2. Two years of running around trying to catch up to his daily mischief and making him more endearing as each day passes. I can't wait to see him grow. Whatever happens, having him in our life sure make our lives much more exciting. You don't know what he will be up to the next day. 

For our one of a kind little guy, I decided to try my hand at making a cake for him. Sure, it will not be perfect, but it will surely be something made with love. I am not a baker, and doing this cake sure stressed me out. I actually pushed myself and enrolled in a decorating cake a week before his birthday without prior baking experience. I didn't realize that our second lesson would require me to bake an actual cake (ha ha!). Thank you to ready mix :)

* Cake Attempt #1

It was a full day for us and when we decided to do the traditional cake singing, so the grandparents were already in their jammies.

* Kenzo was so happy to see his cake, it made the stress of making it well worth it

* Kenzo tried to imitate Kimi blowing her cake

* A little help from big sister

* Picture with Grandpa

* And one with Nana

* * * * *
Love you sooooo much

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