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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Kimi @ 4 years

Kimi is finally four!

Kimi has been independent even as a baby.

* Kimi 2008
Almost 2- December 2, 2008

She is gentle yet determined. It is a trait that I love about her as a sister and as an individual.

* Kimi surprised friends and relatives when we went home last
March, she was eating on her own and was really behaved

She is gentle with people around her but when she wants something she does it in 
her own way, her own time.

* Kimi is extra gentle with shoti even when Kenzo disbehaves,

she always think before acting on impulse. So proud of her

I remember trying to get her to potty early.
She was not ready then and she showed it through her actions,
then out of the blue she asked for her panties and said she would go to potty.
From then on, no accidents.

Her recent milestone is sleeping on her own.
I love to feel her body next to mine.
Ever since she was born, I sleep with Kimi beside me.
I know that some mommies may be shaking their head in disapproval
but we agreed on a timeline.

At four, she will start sleeping in her own bed.
December 4th, 2011, I teased her that it was the day
I was expecting some sort of drama from her
but she obliged. 
She has been sleeping in her own room from then on.

I am actually the one with the separation anxiety, 
and wonders if she misses me
as much as I miss her.

oh well, I just have to make do with hubby and Kenzo.
he he!

My baby is growing up more and more each day and 
I am still can't believe how fast time flies.
You are growing right before my very eyes

* * * * *

I am so proud of you my little Kimi
I wish you more years of happiness and love.

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