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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kimichua-ism about Santa Claus

Grandpa decided to do the filling of the stockings from Santa Claus this year...

* Kimi, Mommy and Kenzo 

Aberdeen Centre
Richmond, B.C.

(On Christmas Day)
Grandpa: Look Kimi! there is something for you from Santa
(Looks inside the stockings, found some candies that is very familiar. Note: Candy that grandpa gives her everytime) 
Kimi: You're so funny Grandpa, This is not from Santa Claus, this is from you!
Grandpa: Errr, (trying to collect his thought) I gave this to Santa Claus, Kimi... How about this one? (Getting a new candy...unfamiliar to Kimi)
Kimi: Uhmm, maybe that is from Santa

Good Save Grandpa he he!

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