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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Our First Gingerbread House (Home)...

I missed a lot of things in Manila. Christmas in Manila  is probably one of the top things on my list.

I decided to start  some Christmas traditions and focus on celebrations here that will take my mind off the Christmas I was used to...

I chanced upon an aisle of Pre-cut Gingerbread House at Michaels. I decided this would be a good start for a Christmas project with the kids. Besides, it is like construction craft, just with icing, right?
* Michael's Pre-Baked (and cut) Giingerbread House Kit

*Included are... Icing Mix... garnishes... 
icing back and tip  and a cardboard to put the house in

* Pre-cut. The best bet for the beginners like me

I was surprised that it only needs 5 tablespoon of water for the amount of icing mix that is inside. I mixed and mixed and it just looks so.....dry. I panicked a little since I know that the instruction must be there for a reason. I added some more water and it look more like a hard toothpaste consistency. I decided to take my chances on that texture and put in on the icing bag which comes with the package. The icing won't come out. 
It was too hard for it to come out of the small tip. Darn!

I could smell failure as I see the icing bag burst from it seams.... Uh-oh. I decided to use my ziploc bag as an icing bag but still yields the same result. I need to put some more water in the mix. It was really tempting to use glue gun instead of the icing. I almost gave in to that temptation but I really wanted to do it right so... I tried and tried and finally....

* The Gingerbread House finally stands! :)

I know that using an icing bag is not my forte so I made use of a spatula to spread the icing for the roof. I gave up on the piping altogether for this project as well so I made use of another way to design the roof without a piping. 

I had some icing (ready made) in different colors. I decided to use that one to make the house more colorful. It may not look legible but I decided to personalize our house.

* Karl and Kenzo

* Mel and Kimi

* Yeye and Nana

It was not as clean cut as I'd like to but for a beginners, it will have to do.

* View from the top

* Chua's Gingerbread House 2011

* Miss Gingerbread House 2011

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