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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Van Dusen's Festival of Lights

One of the best place to experience a Canadian Christmas Tradition here in Vancouver is the Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Botanical Garden. 

I actually haven't been here yet and this was also my first time to see it with millions of lights lighting up the garden. I wish to go back there in a different season to see the garden itself.

It was Kenzo's birthday that night and I was urging hubby to celebrate it somewhere other than at home. So begrudgingly, he agreed to go outdoor even though it was cold that night. The kids were dressed in layered clothing and bulky jackets to ensure their warmth as they walked through the garden.

* Van Dusen Indoor Main

I was glad we went there early as there was already a long line outside for tickets. It was also good timing since as soon as we walked out of the ticketing we saw Santa Claus walking to his room and we had the opportunity to take a picture with him before he went on his way for storytime.

* Picture with Santa

There was a toy train outside Santa's Living Room which unfortunately, wasn't working that time. Kenzo was still sleeping at this time and we had to make do taking pictures of the surrounding and us three.

* Toy Train 

We chance upon Santa doing his storytelling to the eager kids.

* Santa Claus telling a story about the reindeer

It was hard to take a picture of the lights but I had to try and see if I can capture the festivities around us.

* This is the first part we saw from where we came from

* TREE-io

* Papa with his little princess

* Exquisite lights...

* From the Walking path...

* A Walk further down the path...

* Dancing Lights

* I wish this is an outdoor ice skating... would be so magical...

There was a Make A Wish Candle Shrine further down the garden...

* Kimi making a wish

* Wish...granted?!

.... hunger finally strikes and we went to try the Whistler Wood Fired Pizza

* Little helper taking orders

* Little hands ready to grab a bite

* Birthday boy finally smelled the food

Going around once again to take some pictures with Kenzo...

* Papa and Kenzo

* Little Chuas

Finally, a lady saw me doing all the shooting and volunteered to take a shot of us as family... 

* There is me! :)

Hubby couldn't take a hint.... Oh well...
* Another one of me.... Woohoo!!!

Other Photo Friday (Travel Photo) via Delicious Baby

* * * * *
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
Vancouver, B.C.

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