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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wilton Course 1- Completed!

I confess. I am a frustrated baker.

I really wanted to do baking ever since I was a kid but baking good seems to elude me during my younger years with an old oven that needs a thermometer to supervise the temperature inside. It was tedious to get the oven to work well and the result of my baking adventures has always been un-encouraging.

I never ventured into baking after that but when I set foot here in Canada, I finally saw my new haven, Michaels. With all the crafts imaginable in every aisle, my earlier frustrations seemed to haunt me once again. I put baking into my personal must do lists and went on with my life adjusting to my new Canadian life.

Forward to a few years adjusting, I got myself a new oven that seems to be easier to operate. I decided to try my hand at a cake decorating class, first. I figured that decorating, I have a background on and I thought that I will try to learn baking afterwards... toink!

I am so happy that I was able to complete the course 1 of baking with my sanity intact :)

* Course 1: Decorating Basics

First day was easy, we had to bring a cookie and the kit needed for the course. No stress here :)

* Tips and Technique Class

* Cookie Decorating 101

Second class was a bit stressful for me. We were required to bake a cake and bring them to class. We were to do leveling (optional), and icing of the entire cake. I did the cake early and got 2 boxes of ready mix cake, in case the first one fails, I have another on hand. I was on edge when I got the cake out of the oven and couldn't sit still until i was able to transfer the cake in one piece into the cake caddy.

* Perfect for Kenzo's upcoming birthday

Third class assignment was easier. We were required to bring cupcakes. I have experienced with cupcake and what are ready mix for? This was a piece of cake (No pun intended)

* Flower techniques 101

Fourth class was cake once again. We had to bake a cake and ice them at home. I was a bit positive because I had a ready mix in my cupboard (remember the one from 2nd class?). I was crushed when I saw the middle part of my newly baked cake didn't actually cooked as it was supposed to and it look like a well when I transfered it into the cooling rack...uh-oh!

It was a good thing though that my cake was high enough and I decided to cut that part that flopped and my cake was a bit low but it was leveled and it will have to do :(

Confidence level: Low again!

This time around we were taught how to do lettering and roses with the use of a decorating nail set.

I decided to take a picture of my seat mate's cake for our last class... 

* Daphne's cake

* Mona's cake

*...and mine :)

* * * * *
Michaels Craft Store
Burnaby, B.C.

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