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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Celebration at Burnaby Montessori

It was our first time to experience the Winter Celebration at the Burnaby Montessori.

The reason being Kimi started school January 2011. 

There was no regular class for the celebration. Instead, parents were to bring the food in the classroom and proceed to the church for the performance. The celebration starts from 1:00 pm and ends an hour after.

* Santa Hats made for the kid's performance

* Stage for the Celebration

* Lootbags for the parents made lovingly by the kids and the teachers

* Participants....

* In formation...

* Kimi after the performance

Kimi loves her old friends from school but managed to make new friends like this handsome little guy, Guido.

* Kimi, Kenzo and Guido

Even though the school follows the sugar-free and peanut-free rule. This time around a bit of a leniency was adapted to the sugar rule and the kids had colorful cupcakes in the buffet for the take.

* Christmas Cupcakes

Kenzo enjoyed the food and sat for awhile without letting us chase him all over the room....but, just for awhile.

* A bit of rest for me and Nana

Of course, the teachers are the reason the whole production was a success. Their patience in teaching the kids all these songs with a lot of lyrics. I was quite amazed at the amount of words that was in the song. 

* Miss Tanya

Kimi loves Miss Tanya a lot. She raves about her every time I pick her up from school. "She is so nice to me... Miss Tanya is so pretty, especially when she wears her makeup... hehe!"

* Miss Doreen

Kimi: Miss Doreen is cute!

* Miss Su

She is the one who replaced Miss Anya, Kimi felt right at home with her and her welcoming smile.

* Little Mischief...

Little Kenzo finally finished his food and is planning his plan of action on how to get the food from the table again... uh oh!

* Teachers with Kimi, Justin and Guido

Kenzo wanted some part of the action as well...

* Kenzo by his lonesomewith the White Tree as backdrop

The ever-friendly Shekinah saw Kenzo on his own and decided to keep him company.

* Big Sister Shekinah with Little Kenzo

* Siblings.... Hug my shoti

* another one :)

* Nana with Kenzo, Kimi and Guido

Finally, it was time to leave, Kimi wanted to help mommy with the fruit platter. Guido went to grab some more grapes and to say goodbye...

* Kimi and Guido sharing a moment

* * * * *
Burnaby Montessori
Burnaby, B.C.

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