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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Dinner @ Dai Tung

For Chinese New Year, we were able to reserve for an early spot at Dai Tung's, Kingsway.

It was way too early for dinner at 5 pm but we wanted to celebrate it nonetheless and every other restaurant only had 8pm onward which means that it will be a late dinner....and with kids on tow, early is way better than dealing with cranky and hungry kids.

I was not able to take note of our orders so I have labelled them based on a copy of a menu I found on the net and some I tried to label as best as I could... :)

First off, we had Kenzo sat on his diner's chair and equipped him with an iphone with data to keep him quiet. 
Before the dishes arrived, Kenzo should have finished his food so that he won't get distracted with the grownup food which we were sure he'd love to try.

* Full concentration

* Picture Menu- More enticing!

This dish was so so. I like the jelly fish which is a given but the others were just okay. I love the presentation of their dishes though. 

* Cold Platter

* Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup

Everyone agreed that the Peking duck was really good...

* Peking Duck 2 Way

I love seafood with hard shells- mussels, bamboo shells, but crabs and lobster are my absolute favorites. I put this dish on my finale. I ate all the dishes then got myself ready to have my hands ready as I dived into this dish until everything was gone- almost. I left 2 for my lunch next day :)

* Lobster and Crab Combination

Perfect combination, dried scallop add a bit of saltiness to the tofu. Something healthy to start the year?

* Braised Egg Tofu with Dried Scallop

The eel was really tasty, I just don't like the fish bones that goes with this dish.

* Sizzling Eel Hotpot 

...this dish was as expected. Tasty but nothing special...

..and to end the meal... Something sweet :)

* Red Bean Dessert

...we had a couple of friends that doesn't have any family here in Vancouver to join us and celebrate the start of the Water Dragon :)

* Friends: Eron, Stone and Twinny

...and Kimi tried to demonstrate her version of the Dragon Dance... Kenzo doesn't care at all.

* Initial Pose...

...and the Finale

* Bottoms Up.. Cheers! "干杯"

* * * * *

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