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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dine Out 2012: Bistro Sakana

After a bumpy start for year 2012, I decided to just focus on the goods and enjoy each weekend as it comes with a celebration...

...Dine Out comes just in time for us to enjoy food (hubby's favorite pastime) with an Asian twist.

Bistro Sakana was our Dine Out choice this week :)

Ratings online were good although the place was not so good with finding parking, we drive all the way with Kimi in tow for a Friday night out (A rare night to go out- Yey!)

The place was small but we were seated immediately because of a reservation I made weeks before

* Dine Out Menu

When I read the reviews for this restaurant, the rave about the selection of wines are pouring but then, I don't drink much so this doesn't apply to me...

* Sake as backdrop

We decided to get Kimi a Mini Sukiyaki Hotpot plus rice... Everything was really good but my only complaint is that all the food required a long wait that is not within reasonable time. 

* Yummy Sukiyaki

Hubby decided on the real appetizer while the rest of us settled on soups.

* Tai (New Zealand Red Snapper) Sashimi
with fresh ginger and ponzu sauce

* Atlantic Lobster Miso Bisque

* Sockeye Salmon Miso Chowder

* Additional Order: Tuna Tatami

* Additional Order: Crispy California Roll

* A Sampler of Signature Dishes

Wild Sockeye Jalapeno Aburi "Hakozushi": Scokeye Salmon layered with rice, box pressed, flame torched and topped with jalapeno slices

Toro Red Chili Abuir "Hakozushi"": Albacore Toro marinated in Junmai sake and miso, layered with rice, box pressed, flame torched, and topped with red chili and key lime slivers.

Yuzu Black Sesame Encrusted Tuna Tataki: Albacore sashimi tataki encrusted with roasted black sesame and drizzled with tangy yuzu miso sauce.

Ume-Shiso Smelt Tempura: Japanese butterfly smelt lightly fried in a delicate batter with Japanese plum paste and fresh "Shiso leaf"

Shiro Miso Black Cod: Grilled white miso marinated black cod with pickled ginger sprout garnish

* Hojicha Creme Brulee
...Creme brulee flavored with roasted green tea

I love the dessert a lot :)..

the real downer is the looooooong exagerated wait we had to endure to get these dishes...

* Little Date

* Real charmer :)

* * * * *
Yaletown, B.C.

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