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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Disney Cars for Justin's 3rd

Eventually, a little guy will either be interested in Cars, Thomas or both...

Justin's time has come and he is interested in Cars this year, which prompted him to Mommy G for a Disney Cars Party. Of course, kids his age has more energy so it was more than fitting to celebrate the birthday with gymnastic session in between meals. 

* Justin's (Cup)Cake made especially by Roselle

First part of the party was spent in the Gym... The kids had the time of their lives getting a personal gymnastic session with two personnel from Phoenix Gymnastic.

I got my ever-reliable handy camera to take a snapshots of the party...

* Kimi by the bars...

* Carmi and Kenzo enjoying the cube foam pit

* Daredevil Kenzo going heads first down the slide 6 pm, the kids were ushered in to have their meal, BUT, the traditional birthday song first!

* Birthday Boy right in the center...

* Kiddos ready to sing the traditional song

* If Papa Warren and Mama Glenda are Car characters... 

...and the nice loots we get to take home, complete with personalized tags made lovingly by Papa Warren

* Kenzo's Car Box

* Kimi's Kitty Box

...clean up session, the two kids were having a bonding among themselves

* Mac and Kenzo

...thanks to Charlie for doing a great video to remember the event by...

* Charlie's Video

...and a picture of the mommies who are there for one another through Good and Bad times...
Cheers to the best mommy friends in Vancouver, Canada! :)

* (L-R) Sarah, Joy, Glenda, Mel and Jo

* * * * *
Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics
4588 Clancy Loranger Way  Vancouver, BC V5Y 4B6

* * * * *


Thanks Warren and Glenda
for a great get together :)

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