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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fortune for the Year of the Water Dragon

We started this tradition (sort of) last Chinese New Year.

This year, it was just a casual meet up that turned into another lunch date, which end up as a full table lunch date for the mommies...and kids for this year's Chinese New Year...

With the Winter storm warning for Friday, we decided to reserve anyways and keep our fingers crossed that the roads are clear from Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond to Fortune House's Burnaby...

* Fortune House Facade

With Kimi off to school, I had to bring Kenzo as my plus one :)

* Kenzo eating his chinese  cookies made by Ninang Sarah

* The kids had their happy meals and 
were seated on one side to keep each other entertain

The dimsums were piled high on our table and we realized we ordered more than what we could handle...

Mommy G had to go earlier to fetch Kalen, so we decided to do a group picture...

* Mommies... well fed :)

* Kenzo trying to get his hands on some more

* Kiddos ranger

* My Kimi for the day... Thanks Sam :)

* Last Group picture from the entrance

*... and another one

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