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Monday, January 02, 2012

Fun 4 Kidz

It was a Fun 4 Kidz day once again. (We weren't able to join the first one)

The mommies decided to start the 2nd day of the year right with the kids enjoying the day with their play mates. It was nice to get the kids to meet up before the winter break ends. I am sure they missed the good old times of meeting each other once a week... or maybe it's the mommies that misses those meet ups?! he he!

* Fun 4 Kidz

The price admission for the day was $11.99 (holiday rate). Good thing though we had the buy 1 and get 1 free from the entertainment book :)

Kenzo was confined to the Toddler area, while the other kids had the whole area they can explore.

* Justin in the Toddler Area

* Kimi and Sammy trying out their hand at construction

* Finally got Ryker to stand still for a moment :)

* Ni Hao? Ni Hao!

* Carmi was able to come join us...

Braden and Macky wasn't there so the buddy system changed. It was fun to see them trying out different partners throughout the day.

After awhile, it was time to get the kids to eat their lunch.
...and for the adults to enjoy Joy's home-baked cake


* Carrot Cake just the way I like!
 * Service Deluxe!

...Mommy Joy wasn't there but we sure felt her presence... in our stomach :) YUMMY!

...then they found the rides!

* A Dollar well spent!

Imagine, we got the 6 kids happy with a dollar coin...and of course, that wasn't the first and last ride...

they decided to try each of the ride available in the vicinity as well....... uhmmmm

 * Carmi and Kimi
 * Kalen and Sam
 * Ryker and Kimi
 * Mommy G and Sam
 * Ryker in Motion
 * Carmi and Justin

...the coins are disappearing really quick. We had to get the kids back to the play area.

* Choo choo to Fun 4 Kidz

Kenzo went back to the Toddler Area, and we had the kids play again.

* Kenzo loved the balls...

 * Carmi and Kimi loved the slides
 * Ever-ready smile
 * Buddy for the day...

* Carmi :)

...after that, the kids were all knocked out on the way home...
* Sweet Slumber

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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