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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Kensington`s Christmas Lights

I came across an article about a house that is decorated with Christmas lights every year since 1972 with the mission of helping a cause that he believes in. I was curious but was not going to drive all the way from our house to check one house with Christmas lights but  I had it at the back of my mind in case we had a way closer to that place...and when we went to Grouse, I took a chance and ask hubby to drive us past that house on our way home. 

* 950 Kensington Ave. from the other side

* Entrance... donation goes to Michael Cuccione 

* Me and Kimi

* Kimi by the light train

* Moving reindeer statues

* Life-size Nativity

... the decors are going to be on display up to January 8th, 2012


This Mom said...

Wow...this place is amazing. But I'm not showing these pictures to my husband!

meL said...

It was nice and for a good cause to boot :)


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