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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year at Grouse Mountain

It was not a white Christmas, nor anything white this whole month of December. We decided to go up the mountains for the first day of 2012 to see the snow instead and to celebrate 2012 with a date (plus Kimi).

* White New Year

I underestimated the coldness of being up there. I was in my thickest outfit, but I was still cold, while Kimi was oblivious to the cold and getting as much snow as she can handle.

* Daddy and Kimi

Grouse has a couple of Christmas related activities that we wanted the kids to experience but because of all the parties and other things we had to finish, we kept on delaying it and ended up doing Grouse for the New Year.

* Outdoor pond skating rink

Kimi saw the skating rink and urged us to let her skate for a while. She is the smallest kid without any guide, at the farthest part of the rink. She was still balancing when I videotaped her... She walks funny, I guess I put on too much clothes on her to keep her warm that it affected her gait (he he!)

* Kimi tries the outdoor skating

* Waiting in line for the sleigh ride

* Kimi making use of her time at the waiting line

... I was so glad that we were able to do the sleigh ride. The reindeer and Santa part was not available though

* Sleigh Ride

* Kimi couldn't contain her happiness as she rode the sleigh tour

* Picture at the Sleigh Ride

Afterwards, we had to warm up and confirm our reservation for dinner at the Observatory. It was a free gondola ride up when you eat at the Observatory. A good deal... It has a couple of awards plastered on the wall which was a good sign. I was not expecting much with the food but was pleasantly surprised to prove myself wrong this time. The food was in small portion, which was to be expected, but was quite tasty. 

The view was spectacular and the service was impeccable.

* The Observatory

* Kimi poses before we ended our date night at The Observatory

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