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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wilton Course 2- Completed!

A few weeks of going back to Michael's every Tuesday night...

I have finally finished Course 2 of Wilton Decorating :) Yey!

* Scanned Copy via iphone...

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers were taught in this class...

* Lesson Course 2

I am so happy to get a break and unleash another side of creativity with icings and something edible this time around.

My favorite was the final class that promises a culmination of all the things we have learned and put them in a piece of cake... It doesn't hurt that we get a certificate to bring home after ;)

* My Carrot Cake (Easy Bake = Ready Mix!)

We had to mark the cake to get an even space for the basket weave icing side we were about to make for this class

* Basket Weave, 1st Attempt :)

I used cream cheese icing for mine to complement the carrot cake.

I didn't realize that we were supposed to keep our flowers from the previous lessons for use this lesson, so I had to make another batch of flowers at home, which worked for me since I didn't want to use multi-colored flowers and opted for orange-y shade to match the carrot cake inside.

* Basket Weave side with Orange Royal Icings... 
Buttercream frosting for the leaves

* Top View: A sprinkle of violets to add more colors...

Cake-mates did just as well with their colorful rendition of their cakes :)

* Mona's Basketful of Flowers

* Erlinda's Warm Colored Flowers

* Fiona's Chocolate Cake with Blues and Yellows

* Wendy's Chocolate with A burst of color int he center

* Mel's Muted Cake... 

* * * * *
Michael's Craft Store
Burnaby, B.C.


Stephanie said...

galing mel! nico and i are thinking of signing up too :)


Impressive!! :) I wanna learn too!


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