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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Afternoon High Tea in Surrey

It was just a casual suggestion which turned into a full scale high tea both for the moms, dads, as well as the kiddos.

Mommy Joy was hosting which meant that it will be filled with over the top home made goodness plus her collections of teas to fit every taste bud- and deliver, she did.

First off, she decided to buy a set of tea cups that are made just for the occasion. Five sets for five fab mommies :)

* Intricate detailed tea pot and cups...

* Nice golden strip at the brim of the tea cup's mouth

I readied Kenzo and Kimi for the Afternoon's rendezvous. I was so happy to finally be able to make use of the hat clip my mom sent for Kimi...
* Time to Par-Tea

We did our shared goodies to nibble for this special occasion too. We ended up with a lot of sweets and too much sugar in our system by the time we said our goodbyes. 

* Three Tier of goodies

Host: Charlie and Joy did a lot from her famous ensaymada to Chocolate mousse in choco cups, brownies, Scones with Devonshire sauce and even Ebony and Ivory (white and chocolate) in one bite little cupcakes

* Bestseller Ensaymada
- Photo by Charlie Ng

Warren and Glenda did the cornbread and Wilbert did the mini cupcakes of red velvet, carrot cakes and lemon cups...

* Mini Cupcakes... This is so cute! One bite cupcakes

Jocelyn did the classic favorites: Macaroons! She did this the night before...

* Not too sweet (just perfect) macaroons

Steve and Sarah brought the cheesecakes :)

* Little confectioner's topped on the light cheesecake

I tried my hand at the comfort food: Oatmeal Choco chip cookies and Blueberry Cheesecake

* Ready made crust with No Bake Cheesecake
- Photo by Charlie Ng
* Sweets for our Sweet Tooth 

What I love about mommy get together with the dads is that there is a lot of pictures to grab from after an event... Special thanks to Daddy Charlie, Daddy Steve and Wilbert for the photos as usual :)

* Mommies in eating mode...
(L-R): Glenda, Joy, Mel, Jo and Sarah
Photo by Charlie Ng

* Guys block
(L-R): Wilbert, Steve, Baby Shawn, Rex, Warren, Charlie
Photo by Charlie Ng

* Kiddos
(L-R): Kalen, Ryker, Braden, Sam and Justin
Photo by Charlie Ng

Kenzo was running around the whole night (...or holding onto my leg) that no one got to take his picture. I promise, he was with us this event he he!

* Sam and Kimi: Original playmates unite
Photo by Stevenson Dy

Mommy Joy plays the perfect host and even manage to squeeze in  making lot bags for us in between baking and doing teas. Love the frames!

* Our special frames :)
Photo by Charlie Ng

* Friends are a lifetime of shared experience and memories
A True friend is a gift to cherish
Friends are Forever

...our sentiments exactly.

Thank you Charlie and Joy 
for hosting the Wonderful Tea party
...but more than opening your home to us
Thank you for opening your hearts to us all.


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