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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wilton Course 3- Completed!

After a month of doing more flowers, we finally got to the last week to complete the 3rd course.

I never thought that I will be able to make a fondant and here I am making my 1st fondant cake ever!

* Scanned copy via Iphone

I actually thought that we wouldn't be required to make a cake this time after three weeks of doing gum paste and fondant decors but then the final week came and we were to bring another cake to cover for our final class.

It was a hectic week for me with Kimi getting better a few days then getting bad the next so I was rushing back and forth from the office then home to check on Kimi and Kenzo then back to the office. It just so happens that a co-worker is on vacation in the Philippines for 2 weeks which means that her work becomes my work.... You got the drift.

* Lesson Course 3

I was actually a bit skeptical if my cake would work as it has a huge crack in the middle. I got a wee bit excited turning the cake into a two layer and it was still a bit too early to do the flipping :(. Small things like this do happen, I guess, and my instructor inform me that we will try our best to salvage the cake and turn it into a fondant cake...

* Fondant layer with a bit of detail

I was breathing a bit more normal when I got the fondant covering my cake. Yey! 

I am so lucky that I got cake-mates that are way prepared than me with molds that they readily lent me so that I can make some details to go with my cake. Some even went so far as to offer me their extra flowers and leaves... :) 

Some of my peers brought in mini cakes that are way too cute...

* Mona's Mini Creation of Blues and Browns

* Erlinda's Mini Creation of Pink and Purples

Some opted to follow the instruction of baking an 8" cake :)

* Charlotte's Splash of Red Fondant

* Daphne's Whites and Pink Fondant

I guess Fiona is the most unique in her design, opting to make a completely different theme and not making any use of the flowers from our previous lessons.

* Fiona's Kite Flying Fondant

...and mine

* Waiting for Spring Fondant

P.S. The violets are actually contributed by Cake-mate Erlinda and leaves by Cake-mate Mona...
Stencils for the hearts in the center and the border, I borrowed from Cake-mate Charlotte. Daphne bought me the fondant to share for this class. 

Thank you :)
* * * * *

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