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Friday, February 10, 2012

Zebra Printed Inside Cake

Trying to experiment with the design inside a cake. I know that lots of practice is required to bake a great cake that tastes good and looks good. I practice with ready mix as I am not that confident baking from scratch yet... I will get there... sooner than later, I hope :)

* Preparing the batter

* Cooked striped cupcake and cakes 
plus  double chocolate cupcake leftovers

My favorite part is decorating the cake.

* Shell reverse icing :)

still a lot of practicing to perfect this...

I guess I put in a bit too much icing at the top of the cake...

* Striped inside with icing design all over  

I ran out of icing ingredients so I let the cake sit in a container and it was less moist than the cupcakes... I read that frosting seals the moisture in so that might have been the reason why it was a bit too dry :(

The frosting on the other hand was a tad too sweet... I guess I should have put the optional pinch of salt to balance out the sweetness of it...

Fingers crossed. Next time I hope i improve a bit more :)

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