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Sunday, March 11, 2012

BC Ferries to Nanaimo

I love BC Ferries, it is a great way to travel within Canada. A bit on the expensive side but it reminds me of a smaller cruise ship and whenever I travel via BC Ferries it brings back our honeymoon cruise as a young newlywed. It is a smaller price to pay than a real cruise, and brings me back to the memories of those carefree days as a young bride.

I am glad, though, that I was able to do it with my kids. I hope that we can do mini vacations with the family as a way to bond in different settings. Maybe through this small get together, we can instill in our kids that it is fun to be with the family and hopefully it will stay with them as they get older and grow up to be happy kids.

* * * * *

West Vancouver - Nanaimo
Horseshoe Bay Departure Bay

Queen of Cowichan

This is an older ship (70's), but well maintained despite the age. I like the play area here with small slides that kept the kids happy and pre-occupied.

* Looking out at the nice scenery

* Well behaved

* Revving to go for adventure

* * * * *

Nanaimo - Richmond
Tsawassen Bay

Coastal Inspiration

* Fresh from the mini golf, hunger pang strikes

* Date with Papa

* Pa-Cute

* With Little Kenzo

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