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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bianca's Uber-Sweet First Birthday

As soon as you step into the event, the amount of decorations, planning and love put into the party will surely overwhelm you.

* Cakes and Sweets Station

* Sweets Up Close

Not just one, but two sweet bars!

* Candy Bar

* Loot Candies

Even if you try to resist the temptation of eating those colorful sweets, another temptation is sitting right smack at the center of each table so...

* Centerpiece

Decors are just as coordinated with colorful pom poms and candy styrofoams hanging from each beams and blank walls

* Wall decor

* Decor up in the ceilings

The magician kept the adults kids entertained with hours of magic, and games

* Kids sat behind the spot light to watch the show

The kids enjoyed being the Magician's Assistant. I actually recorded the kids assisting
* Assistant KIMI * Assistant JUSTIN * Assistant SAM * Assistant KALEN *

* Kimi post for the camera

Thanks to Ninang Honey for the UGG boots 
and Ninang Ciara for the Dress :)

At first, Kenzo sat on his own with an iphone to keep himself busy. He loved the chicken and ate by himself using his hand and ate 2 chicken all by himself... Then he was released from his booster seat, he went straight to my leg

* Shy Little Guy

* Asking to get carried away

Kimi, on the other hand, was a bit shy, thinking that she does not know the kids who was sitting on the kiddie table, but then she saw some familiar faces... Kalen, Justin, Samantha...

* Finally at ease

Bianca was sleeping the first part of the party (as was Kenzo for the duration of his first birthday then), then I chance upon her finally awake, Yey!

* Bianca with Mommy Van

It was a great party full of friends, both big and small, catching up; great food; great entertainment.

* Kenzo and MacKenzie trying to get acquainted again

* Kimi posing for a full shot :)

* Mommy with Macky

* Pretend Bite

...and the loot bags that are candy related as well

* Lots of kids are going home with a nice little tag and a Chocolate bar pencil box

* Personalized Bag Tag

... and a group picture with my favorite moms :)

* (L-R) Jo, Glenda, Van (Biancas Mom), Joy, Sarah, Mel
* Thanks to Charlie for this group photo

** I am using my reliable (small enough for any bag)
Sony Bloggie compact camera so some pictures 
especially with kids have movement captured with the picture :( . 
DSLR would have been much better with kid pictures. 

* * * * *

Thank you Andrew and Vanessa
for inviting us to this uber-sweet party :)

One vote a day will help me in a way :)
I entered a wee bit late so i am not expecting.

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