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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(Cyber) Home Sweet (Cyber) Home

It was time for a change, and I decided to put in a quote in my new banner.

It is a part of me anyway. I've always loves one-liners and actually do a journal in quotes during my younger days just to record my mood for the day. Just as one-liners are a part of me, my family, is the biggest part of me and it is just as fitting to put all of them in my banner to summarize what our site is all about- Family, Love, Memories...

I am so happy to announce as well that I finally got my own domain!

Long overdue since I've been maintaining this site for a long time and has been using Treasured MOM-ents as my header but not as my address. I finally took a leap and purchased the domain when I saw that it was not as expensive as I once thought... and I am so ecstatic about the address I have been visiting my site just to see the site address appear...

That's it for now. I finally got myself a cyber address to call my own :)
Till.Next.Time.Friends :)

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