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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Discovering the Church Family and Getting Baptized

I didn't realize that joining the Discovery group would be a turning point in my faith.

I just wanted to get more involved in church and get to know some people. 
Maybe start the kids early in the right path...

Turns out that I got more what I bargained for.

Much more. I gained a mentor and a group 
that will guide me through this journey of the spirit.

I am so grateful that God has knocked upon my heart and I actually listened!

I was new in church and I decided to join Discovery the Church Family led by Alison Pauls, with a friend, Glenda.
It was a journey that both of us embarked together and I am so happy that she was with me every step of the way.

After 7 or was it 8 weeks? I lost track of how many times we had to go through to finish the course but we did and the last part was... getting baptized.

February 19th, we had to do a video record of our testimony as a way to share our journey with others.
I am scared of being onstage and I took comfort that it was recorded, despite the fact that the church was full of monitors and hundreds or maybe it was even thousands of people will be tuning in on that day of our baptismal with my voice echoing throughout the church... (goosebumps!)

I did it because I wanted to, and it is with great joy that I wanted to publicly share my testimony and hopefully touch a life. One life touched will be well worth all this nervousness.

* Thank you to Derek Lee for this collage
This was taken the date of the interview with the elders and video recording of our testimony

My Testimony

"I grew up with Catholic parents, Buddhist grandparents, and studied at a Christian school. I was surrounded with different types of religion and had regular chapel service in school every week. I knew about God’s word from the time I was still young, but being able to hear His words regularly didn't strengthen my faith; instead I unintentionally took it for granted. I grew up, got married, and moved to Canada. Following this, I became busy and faith was moved to the backseat as I focused on being a mom and a wife. Amidst all this, I woke up one day, feeling empty, and realized that I needed to go back to church. I wanted to set an example for my kids and let them grow up with the word of God instilled in them. I was still new in church, adjusting, when another test early this year, came to rattle my faith. I decided that maybe God was telling me that something was coming and that I needed to hold on more to Him rather than turn my back once again. 
In the end, I realized that I needed Jesus in my life to pay for my sins and shortcomings for it is through Him alone that I may be saved.  A favorite verse from when I was younger came to mind, Proverbs 3:5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean unto your own understanding. It is easier said than done, I, for one, have questioned why some things happened, but God knows everything, He sees the whole picture. I just have to trust in His plan that all will be well and for the best in the end."

* * * * *

The Baptismal

March 4th, 2012. I got the whole family ready to go with me to church. Kimi and Kenzo was not going to the  church preschool as we did regularly but they are coming with hubby at the church proper to watch everything. We managed to get our friends (Mommies and family, Twinny and Stone) to come and cheer on us for our baptismal. It was a celebration and we got 2 tables reserved for lunch after the event ;)

I was right on the dot and we were given corsage and our certificate

then, we were ushered into the music room and was introduced to the one who was baptizing us, Sergiy Chernits. He led us into prayers and got to know us. He was really nice and I wouldn't know that it was his first time to baptized someone had he not told us.

We were told to change and we watched from the back as we awaited our turn.

It was nerve-wracking but we were full of excitement. Some songs, communion and an introduction to baptism, we saw Angie's testimony then she went into the large see through pool and some questions were asked, she answered then she was baptized with a camera zooming the exchange in real time.This is it... 

...and it was done just as fast :)

We are officially a member of Willingdon Church

* * * * *

We went to listen to the sermon with our family.

Kenzo was so happy to see me he kept on kissing me and doing his little language and kissing me again.
I feel so blessed.
then, Kimi went to me and whispered

"That was good mommy", my heart burst with pride that my daughter came and offered assurance as soon as I sat down.

then she said that "Mommy, I saw you in the ipad (monitor) haha!" 
Kids are just heart-melters

then right before she slept that night, "Mommy, you did good, I saw you dive into the water then you came up and fix your hair...and you didn't get scared!"

I just love how this little mind works, but most important of all. I was so glad that she got to see the act and hopefully that image will stick into her mind as she grow older and as we guide her through her path to faith.

One vote a day will help me in a way :)
I entered a wee bit late so i am not expecting.

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