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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joyful Indulgences

Our friend, Joy, decided to get herself a site with the purpose of documenting her journey of baking.

You can accompany her through her journey of learning by visiting her site or maybe just ogle at her goodies and wish that we had that kind of talent in us. She will also share a bit of herself in this site as well as some recipes that we may follow in her footsteps of being a whiz in the kitchen, or in my case, creating something that is eat-able :) he he!

* First batch of Joyful Indulgences

I got my orders via Jo. Thank you for the personal delivery that took you from Surrey to my doorstep in Burnaby. See how great my mommy friends are? I can't sing enough praises about them.

I got them to share because eating them on my own would be selfish. Half goes to hubby's office and half to mine. It was right just in time for someone's birthday in our office and he was oh so happy to try a Filipino delicacy, and more so, when I told him that a friend baked it for this occasion ;).



Joy said...

Thanks for the post Mommy Mel!! Hope they liked it. Love u! Mwah!

meL said...

Of course they did! :) love ya


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