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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Level 2 Ice skating... PASSED!

Level 2 was a bit harder with more complex things needed to be mastered in order to pass...

* Ice Skating Progress Report

Finally, we got all of them done and we are now ready to enroll for the next one when the next Ice Skating lessons are open (Fall and Winter 2012) for registration.

What do we need to pass Level 2?
* Wave arms up and down without falling
* Glide on two feet for 1/2 meter
*Intro to Stopping: Scraping
* Intro to double sculling: bubbles
* Hop on two feet
* Skate a slalom course
*Backward step/skate halfway across rink

it was a lot of work to get them to listen and do what needs to be done,
they think that they were just having fun but we got all of these completed and they are ready for Level 3 :)

* Last Day for Level 2 Skating

* * * * *
Preschool Level 2 Ice Skating
Vancouver, B.C.

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