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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life as an Architecture (Fine Arts) Student...and more

One of the best times I had when I was younger was my college years.

The best of both worlds, I got a bit of freedom and  a lot less responsibilities to worry about than now. Those carefree moments when life was stretched out right in front of you. 

I was a student of Interior Design, University of Santo Tomas then, and like Jerald, I can perfectly relate as to what he was talking about regarding plates and endless sleep. Sleeping over at a friend's to finish a plate to be submitted the next day. The cramming. Actually, sleeping over is not actually sleeping but trying to listen late at night on the radio while finishing our plate with cups after cups of coffee to keep us awake. Alarming our mobiles to make sure that we are informed when the time is almost running out or in case we accidentally slept out of sheer exhaustion. 

Graduation was both a happy and sad occasion. Happy to see that we are somewhat in the finish line for school days but sad when we realized that we won't be seeing as much of our friends as we were used to.

I didn't have someone significant during my college years but I would really be swept off my feet if my boyfriend did this during our graduation...

It was a real treat to see Beato Angelico in the video. It was quite new when we left for graduation. The familiar hang out tables and chairs as well as the new uniforms. I feel like it was so long ago... Thanks for this video, it somewhat transported me back to my yesteryear as a Fine Arts Student.
* * * * *
To Jerald and Angela, I don't know you but I definitely wish you all the best 

* * * * *
Everybody deserves someone 
who makes them look forward to tomorrow


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