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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paradise Fun Park

It was unplanned. Actually, what we planned to do was to spend a bit of our time at a nearby golf park beside Tigh-Na-Mara called Riptide Lagoon but we went to take a quick lunch at McDonald's and I saw a Big shoe house further down and asked hubby to drive there just so I can check if it's something that we can take a picture of.

* If the shoe fits...

Turns out that there was another kids attraction there and I decided to try this one instead upon seeing their brochure.

Paradise Fun Park has 2 World Famous Mini Golf courses, Bumper boats with cannons built in into them and apparently Oceanside camping and Games Pavilion, or more famous as arcade. It was 2 for 1 for that day so I am all for fun and a great deal. I got 1 course and a bumper boat ride for us 2 at $11++

We were just in time for it's opening. Early March to October.

* Me and Mini Me's Golf Putter

Kimi chose pink for her golf ball and I chose purple for mine.

Suddenly, out of nowhere the nice weather suddenly reversed and a bit of snow showed up right when we were about to start our game :(. Off we went inside the gift shop to wait it out a bit...

* I heart Canada!

* Yep! That's me. 

I am included in the trip, by the way. Hubby isn't good with photo role reversals. I take your picture and you take mine he he! So I finally told him to take a picture with me included. So this is my one and only picture from the trip.

Finally, the snow stopped and we braved the cold and started out mini golf game. Hubby stayed inside with Kenzo just to keep little guy warm and comfortable.

* Kenzo concentrating on his gadget

The golf course was so nice...and I love the little putter for Kimi. It was just right for her size. She was able to put the ball in one shot on some of the course... She was so ecstatic and forgot that her hands were freezing.

* Braving the cold

* Course One: 
The Old Water Wheel
The Lighthouse, 
The Windmill
The Village Church
The Victorian Mansion

I can see why this is considered one of the nicest Mini Gold around the World...

* Course One

One of the things I like about playing with someone short is that I don't need to go down to pick my balls. Kimi gladly did it for me :)

* My Little Ball Picker

Play we did, hole after hole til we reach the 18th

* Last hole for Course One: The Victorian Mansion

I was so happy to reach the last one, it was getting windier as we progress and I couldn't feel my fingers but Kimi was so happy I decided to finish up the game despite the cold.

* No 18 Hole

* Kimi's not a quitter :) Finish Line

I hope we can try this Summer time... I am actually excited to see if there are nice ones in Vancouver we could try so that we don't need to ride a ferry just for a mini golf ;)

At the farther side of the park is the Mini Golf Course 2

* Kimi couldn't reach the Punishment decor for a photo

 * Course Two
The Old Woman's Shoe
The Pirate Cannon
The Whale's Pool
The Bavarian Clock
The Pirate Ship
The Pirate Treasure Cave

* The Pirate Cannon Course

* Pirate's Ledge

It was finally time for the Bumper Boat. I was a bit hesitant about letting Kimi try this especially since this has cannon built in which meant that other boats might try shooting her with water. I think we were the only one crazy enough to do bumper boat so Kimi had a fun time shooting the plant with water.
* Kimi and Papa

* Nice Summery Colors
* Calm waters

...five minutes of floating around

* Done :)

Kimi had her fun and she was in such a high mood while riding the ferry back to Vancouver.
Kenzo was happy wherever he is so he was happy as well.
Happy kids = Happy parents
Win Win Situation :)

* * * * *
Parksville, B.C. 

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