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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Science Day at Chapters

Our Second day at Chapters, Metrotown.

Today is all about Science.

First, was the preparation for the volcano

* Kids took turn to build the foundation of the volcano

it was left for drying, storytelling was next to keep the kids attention away from the volcano.

* Lab person as storyteller

Story was about how to save energy.

* Kids really loves story time...

They also made gummy worms with some pebbled powders and water and with the help of food coloring, manipulated what colors the gummy will turn out. Sorry, no picture on the gummy worms.

Next on the agenda, was turning powder into snow.

* Kalen got the best place possible...

...then she wandered and found,

* More interesting things- a whistle!

* Feels like snow, BUT not cold at all

Meanwhile, the volcano structure are still on the sides getting dried.

* Volcano Experiment


*....not interested in Science- AT ALL! I want to be an engineer.

* Kimi finally realized that Kenzo was missing 
and decided to look for him

* Kimi wanted to take some snow home

The volcano was finally ready for some action. 

* Some Explosions

They put a tube inside the volcano and the other end on a bottle with some solutions (smells like vinegar) to make some explosions spurts.

* Kalen observed the event 
while keeping a watchful eye on Kenzo :)

Justin and Kimi, on the other hand, found a play mate in each other and was happy to be together throughout the event.

* Goofing around  :) 

* Upclose Shot of Little Professors the end of it all, was some loot bags to bring home

* Kimi with her goodies :)

* * * *  *
A child can ask questions
a wise man cannot answer

- Author Unknown

* * * * *
Metropolis at Metrotown
Burnaby, B.C.

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