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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring break Starts... Mosaic Arts

I have a stash at home for things that Kimi can do to learn and enjoy at the same time.

I got her a mosaic art early this year, we started on it together but stopped time and again for a break since kids don't actually stay put for a long time doing one thing. I love this craft because it's like our childhood version of color by numbers but with a twist. It also helps her to recognize numbers and match them to a certain color. It makes use of colored mosaic sticker and the finale is really a work of art that even grown ups appreciates.

* Mosaic Art 1

* Mosaic Art 2

* Mosaic Art 3

* Little Gallery of Mosaics

Spring break has finally started and I had to go to the office to do extra hours, I decided to bring Kimi along with this craft to keep her occupied in a corner just so she won't be going around the office disturbing everyone...and it worked :) Yey! 

This was almost done from our previous sessions and I am so happy to get them completed so that I can throw the excess stickers away...

* Kimi's done her work for the day in the office

* * * * *

Every child  is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

-Pablo Picasso

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