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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Chicks at 4Cats

I decided to enroll Kimi somewhere new for Friday.

It was a one day Spring Break class for 3-5 years old which was quite interesting.
It involves oven bake clay and little hands and mommies waiting on the sides, without needing to participate.
That is a good combination for mommies of two who'd want an hour of relief away from one kid.

I was happy to get Kalen and Samantha to join us for this one day class at 4Cats...

* Pastels for early worms to use and create something with the papers

As for the studio, it was quite artsy. Kimi commented at how much she likes the place.

* Reception Area

* Colorful arts graced the walls 

* Room for more creations

* I love the easels hanging on the wall for little art works

* This must be the room they paint without worrying about mess

Sarah and I had time to catch up and we got our youngest to look over.

* Shawn is not that small anymore :)

* ...while Kenzo is still deep in concentration with his gadget

There was no wall unfilled with some kind of art. Even the bathroom was not spared.

* Paintings inside the bathroom

* A little info on why the bathroom is colored silver
Andy Warhol inspired

I forgot to mention that I had a little girl left as my responsibility for the day. I am so happy that she was well-behaved and such a trooper!

* So ready for some action. Look at this little fashionista- Kalen  :)  

I was glad that the parents were asked to be on the waiting area and not to participate. It would mean that what really happened with the result of their work was really of their own doing.

* Top Left: Kids anxious to start. Kalen, Kimi and Samantha
Top Right: Spring Chick aka Angry Birds ;)

...and if you are wondering what they were supposed to be making...

* This was the model...Yup, it was far from the model but... it was A for effort :)

* Curator Michelle with the little students

* Little Bags to take home with the Spring Chicks

* * * * *
4Cats South Burnaby
Burnaby, B.C.

* * * * *
We got the kids to bond more at the mall. It was fun (at least for them lol!) and a bit of a workout for us :)

...but their laughter was well worth it.

* Tired from running around

* Glad to be together once again

* * * * *

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Anonymous said...

awww, that is so cute! thanks so much for the nice write up about our south burnaby 4cats!!


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