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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wilton Course 4- Completed!

This is the newest course which just debut on February 2012. I figured that since I already got the first three completed, might as well get the last one to complete it...-and finish I did! Thanks to hubby who took care of the kids every Tuesday so that I can go to my class and have my me time despite being tired from work himself.

* Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

We were not given a book for this course (yet), it was a bit hard to follow the lessons with a xerox copy for reference but the instructor, Kim, did the best she could and we were able to do what was required every week.

* Lesson Course 4

I was not able to make it to the 3rd class :(. I had a valid reason though, but I wish I didn't have to miss that class. My in laws were going home and I had to stay home and look after the kids while they were driven to the airport for their vacation. 

Last day was about wire wrapping basically. We wrapped all the wires of flowers made during the first 3 weeks and we spent a good amount of our time doing that. After the wrapping, we assembled the Stargazer Lily petals and wrapped them to make them into a flower.

* Mel's Stargazer- The Classic Colors

* Mona's Stargazer- Color more on the Tiger Lily Variety

...then we were to assemble the flowers into a bouquet/ corsage for our final project.

We used up a lot of our time wrapping and only a couple of us were able to finish with a bouquet.

* Instructor Kim's Bouquet

* Charlotte's Bouquet

I had to make do with whatever flowers I had minus the 3rd class' flower so I only got a couple to work with. It was also hard working with this things because they are delicate and prone to breaking. Some of mine broke before the 4th class during drying period, while some of the students got theirs broken on the way to 4th class. It pays to be careful and make extra leaves/ flowers just in case. You could see a cringe on the students face every time one of their item drop and a sigh of relief when they discover that it did not break. 

* Mel's Bouquet

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