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Saturday, March 10, 2012

(Winter) Spa Retreat- Part 1

I got a great deal for a night stay at Tigh-na-Mara via Travelzoo and since Parksville, B.C. is just a ferry ride away and a place both hubby and I haven't been to. I decided that we were overdue for an R&R anyway so I got the deal and was planning to use it for Valentines. 

Then, things got busy and it was move to March of 2nd week to make it closer to Spring, hoping the weather would cooperate. The weather is still unpredictable and we now had to push through and just hope for the best.

I am so glad that hubby managed to put all the address in one place... I was so caught up in the other details I forgot to list down the places to go to...

* Hubby's List of Addresses

We decided to go early since the massage was fully booked and the best I could get was 1:15 and 2:30 pm. Check in was at 4pm but we tried to ask for an earlier check in. We got the kids to bed early and they were still quite sleepy as we go on our way to Horseshoe Bay Terminal.

* Inside Queen of Cowichan Ferry

This was actually an older ferry (1976) but was well-kept despite the age. Kimi enjoyed riding the ferry and Kenzo was quite good throughout the ride. (Yey!)

* Our Oasis :)

* Registration Office

We arrived a wee bit early... We got a take out from McDonalds and waited outside parked while they try to hurry with our room. Kenzo was sleeping soundly anyway... (with a smile on his face) and we don't want to wake him up. Kimi, on the other hand, was sent to the Tigh-Na-Mara Kids Club that starts at 12:00

* Little Dreamer

* Arts and Crafts Room
(12:00-3 PM)

Soon enough, It was almost my time for massage...and the room is still not ready :(
Understandably so, since we were way early for our schedule but it was not fun to wait with the cool weather outside. Good thing it was not raining despite the weather forecast.

* Grotto Spa

The Massage area was across from the Registration office together with the Spa Bungalow that we will be sleeping in.

* Nice Sign

I love the water effect on the signage with bubbles. It really complement the feel of a spa.
Mineral pool is $40 but guests who had a massage gets it free. This is actually an adults only area. Bummer!

* Grotto and Mineral Pool

I just used my iphone camera to take pictures here. I don't think the guest would not appreciate it very much to see a big camera coming out of my bathrobe to capture them in less than everyday wear. 

* Bathrobe

This was actually the best massage I've spent money on here in Canada.  It was my first time to get a guy for a massage therapist and both me and hubby thinks that it must be the reason why we enjoyed it more because of the pressure for one reason. I also liked the ambiance and the music was a good addition and he uses scents to heighten the experience. He was very generous with the oil and also made use of hot towels...a lot! I was planning to count but lose count when I got to 8... The sink was full of towel when I finished my massage.   

* New Castle 532- Our Spa Bungalow

* Three Entrances (units) in a Bungalow

* Rm 532

Hubby got to the Bungalow first and got our things in the room when I got there so I just had to make do and took a picture of it with our things inside.

* Bed- Another bed can be made adjacent to the bed
...It was disguised as a Big Cabinet that you can pull down to reveal an extra bed

* Small kitchen

It has all the necessities despite the size of it.

* Bathroom

* I love the jacuzzi inside the room

*... and Kenzo loves the telephone

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Parksville, B.C.

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I like your blogs! Very beautiful post.! Of course I can remember you, How can I forget you? Thank you Melissa.


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