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Friday, April 06, 2012

Back in Vancouver Aquarium

Back once again because of visitors that want to check out what is inside the aquarium, I went in once again and spent more time exploring what the aquarium has to offer until it closed. 

Still more to explore for next time and I think the kids will enjoy it more when we are not in a hurry.

Thanks to the entertainment book coupon, I was able to shave off 2 entrance fee out of 5 people.

* Group Pictures around the Aquarium
Karl and friends (childhood/ classmates) from Manila

The Main Attraction of the Aquarium is the Beluga which lives in Canada's Arctic

* Beluga Up Close

I learned that beluga have body fats that keeps them warm and acts as a food reserve when there is not much food. These fats are called blubber and thickness vary depending on the season and where it is located inside the body. The thickness can be as thick as a mattress. Imagine that!

We watch the Beluga from below:

Then, it was finally my turn to watch the 4D. Kimi was a bit apprehensive in coming with us but finally relented...

* L-R: Howell, Harvey, Eron and Kimi

Kimi know when to expect the effects and took cover. She is a bit scared of water getting into her face. Effects for the show were water, bubbles, and even snow. There were also effect that makes you feel that there were spiders on your feet. It was 20 minutes of information on how to help the Mother Earth through the characters from Happy Feet.

We proceeded outside after the movie to catch the beluga which already started. There was a lot of people so it was hard to take a nice shot.

* Sea Otters

* Sea Lions

The Beluga was the last show for the day so at least we got to catch one.

Back inside were the aquariums and other galleries...

* Octopus

* Sun Sea Star

* Turtle (Giant)

* Chua Family

...From the Amazon Gallery

* Karl and Kenzo

I don't know some of the kind of birds below but all of them look so pretty with their striking colors.

* Scarlet Ibis

...and a lot of babies in the aquarium as well

* Marmoset

A new baby was born just last March 26 and it was hard to tell which of them is the new mother.
The new mother is the one with the baby on it's back.

* Baby Sea Horses

Alas, we were told that the aquarium was close and that we had to leave :(

Maybe next time we will start earlier and I think that the kids would appreciate it more and be more interested when they are a bit older.

* * * * *
Stanley Park
Vancouver, B.C.

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