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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kaitlyn's 7th Birthday

It was our first time to attend Kaitlyn's Birthday. 

For Kaitlyn's birthday, Mommy Rochelle chose the Mario Bros. Theme

* Loots for the kids to take home

* Joy did an amazing job with the cake

* Sparklers and candles :)

* Mommy Rochelle with Kaitlyn and Ryker

* Kids gather for the birthday song

* Birthday Girl Kaitlyn

* Mommy... wish Mommy G was here too

* Karl and Mel

* Love is in the air...

* ... and so is laughter

* Justin; Kimi with fave buddy, Samantha

* More pics of Kimi and Samantha

* Kenzo so happy to find a lot of Thomas in the house

* Papa Karl with Kenzo

Thanks to Charlie for some of the pictures posted above :)

* * * * * 
Surrey, B.C.

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