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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kerrisdale Play Palace

I've heard of Kerrisdale Play Palace last year but didn't had that chance to go and look at it until this Monday. 

I saw Mommy Sarah accidentally on Sunday during lunch time. Great stomachs, think alike... we just had the same craving and she asked when Kimi is free which happened to be the next day. She got a coupon from Warren apparently via email for a $2 off for Kerrisdale Play Palace. I decided to join in because I am quite positive that the kids will be so happy with playing there than spending that free day at home.

* Kerrisdale Play Palace 

It was just a typical gymnasium/ big space that they converted to make a play area for the kids.
Pre Season started April 16-25, followed by Regular season from April 30th to August.

Socks were required and supervising adults were free. $4 for kids 2-6 yo plus a coupon is a total of $4 for  the 2 kids. It was a cheap alternative to a safe and fun-filled day for them.

We started with the little cars. I had Kenzo wore a helmet just to be on the safe side. Good thing, my baby relented without a big fuss (He hates hat or anything put on his head).

* Little Racer ready for his little adventure

* Getting the hang of it

* Changing cars...

* Little Kenzo in action...
Sorry for my voice-over... he he!

There is a couple of bouncy castles, inflatable slides and obstacle course which the kids can enjoy.

* Pirate inspired inflatable slides

* Kenzo started with this low slide

....while Kimi and Samantha enjoyed the higher slide 

* Slide High

eventually, Kenzo decided to join in on this one as well

* Three kids in a slide

...this other one is just for the bigger kids.Kenzo tried but his leg was just too short to go up the slide and he finally gave up in frustration over this inflatable

* Inflatable/ Obstacle Course

* Little Military(s) in Training

* Kenzo trying his luck but....

* Taking a breather

There's a Pre School/Toddler Area as well for the smaller kids which should actually be the place for Kenzo...

* Samantha and Kimi enjoying the smaller inflatable

* Drummer Sam

After a couple of hours, the kids were still moving but it was time to call it a day...

* Sweaty Kenzo

* Disposable Socks? Rough play = Holes in socks

A promise for a snack together was the bait to get them to agree in finishing up the fun inside the play place...

* Alternate Bathroom Breaks

* Fun snack together...

...and a real goodbye this time...

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness,
not because they never found it,
but because they didn't stop to enjoy it.

- William Feather

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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