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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kimichua-ism regarding surprise for Mother`s Day

I was fishing for some information as to what is Kimi up to for the mother`s day presentation this year..

Mommy: Kimi? What are you planning for Mother`s Day?
Kimi:  It`s a surprise. I won`t tell you.

Then, she proceeded to sing a song which was suspiciously related to mommies...

Mommy: Kimi, is that the song you are singing for Mother`s Day?
Kimi: Yes mommy, this is just one song! I am not going to sing the other ones...
(She can`t seem to keep a surprise...)

Next Day

Kimi singing another new mommy song...

Mommy: Kimi, what are you singing?
Kimi: Nothing! Teacher said I need to practice... I need lots of practice!

* * * * *
When you have doubts if you are becoming just a mom. Remember this,

 2009 * 2010 Mother's Day

You rock a sobbing child  without wondering if today`s world  is passing you by,
because you know you hold tomorrow tightly in your arms,

- Elder Neal A. Maxwell


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