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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maplewood Farm

The sun is out and it's nice outside, perfect for a little visit to the farm once again.

Once again, thanks to the Entertainment book, I am saving  a bit more than what I should have if I didn't have the coupon. 2 for 1 admission fee which totaled to $15+ for us 4. Kimi and Kenzo got an entrance fee of around $4-5 each and adult at around $7+.

* Entrance to to Farm

We just got in time for the Cow Milk Demonstration...

* Little Cowgirl

* Kenzo can't wait to get away from the confine of his stroller

They love the part where they can actually go inside the pen and touch the animals and feed them...

* Kenzo can't figure that well where the mouth of the bunnies are located

* Kenzo doing the feeding, not getting fed ;)

Unlike the pygmy goat at Beacon Hill Children's Farm, Victoria, B.C., the goat here are much larger than Kenzo and he freaks out a bit when the goats turned around to look at him face to face. It is so funny seeing him try to run after the goat and turn the other way around when the goat decides to accommodate him with a game of catch.

* Kenzo playing catch with a goat

* Kimi pretending to be Humpty Dumpty...?!

* Petting the goat from behind...

Kimi, on the other hand, wanted to pet the goat but does it from behind. She gets scared and freaks out a but when the goat tries to come towards her....

* Miniature Donkey

* All done....

* With Karl's Jr...

* My Family...

* * * * *
When you look at life
the greatest happiness 
family happiness

- Joyce Brothers

* * * * *

North Vancouver, B.C.

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