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Monday, April 02, 2012

School Field Trip at Vancouver Aquarium

Three's a charm.

After two cancellations on the field trip.
First was due to the Teachers Strike and Second was due to a windy day.
We finally got to push through with it on a nice day to boot.

It is the first field trip of the year and it was a complete success.

* Kenzo, William and Kimi with the Otter Background

We were quite early as I was so bent up of going an hour early from our home just to be sure that when I get lost, I will still be there in time. Armed with my not so updated GPS, I picked up William's dad in the skytrain nearby and went on our way to Stanley Park with someone to help me navigate the street just in case.

We were directed to the side which caters for schools and groups and was asked to go by the side door wherein we were led to a room for a short presentation: Aquatic Adventure.

The first part was a puppet show that speaks of how the otters were losing it homes.
After a short presentation, some questions were asked to see if the kids did listen and it was a riot to hear the kids answering. Some were on target, while other answers were way off but such cute answers nonetheless.

* Puppet show 

* Kenzo strapped in his stroller watching the presentation

The kids were divided into four groups and each were assigned 2 teachers to guide them as they go from one station to another.

First station: 

* Touching different sea creatures
Starfish, Sea Cucumber, Sea Anemone, Hermit Crabs...etc

A couple of minutes then the lights were turned off for awhile to signal that it was time to move on to the next station. They were asked to swim backward like an otter to the next station.

Second Station:
* Categorizing the objects if it was food for 
People, Animals or both People and Animals

* Kenzo helping out to clean up the pastas

Third Station: 
* Magnetic objects like home, cars, etc 
was put into the scenery to complete the picture 

* Cute Hat 

Fourth Station:

This station talks about how animals get protected. Skins, Fur, Shells...

* Snake Skin

* Turtle Shells.... What a cute  Turtle!

* More animals to touch: Live fish, Live Squids...

Note to self: Need to wash hands!!!

* Back to Square 1: Q&A before they were released 
to explore the aquarium on their own

* My Backup IPAD to keep Kenzo quiet

We were ready to explore the rest of the aquarium...
We got into the 4D Cinema which was featuring Happy Feet as they were starting but Kenzo was not allowed so I got William's dad and Teacher Tanya and Teacher Su take Kimi with them so that she will be able to watch while we waited outside.

* Thr 4d Experience...

Kenzo was looking a bit tired since it was way past his nap time so a bit of pushing and he is snoring on his stroller. 

* The only picture of Kenzo awake after the presentation

* Sleeping Kenzo with the Aquarium

... I especially love the jelly fish. I wish I could have these at home as a night light. so pretty!

* Pacific Sea Nettle

* Moon Jelly

* Japanese Sea Nettle

We decided to try our luck at the Beluga show which was starting at 2pm. The 4D finished at 2:05PM and with little feet walking it was finish by the time we arrived at the Beluga area just in time to see all the audience exiting...

* Olivia was still there enjoying the Belugas

* Hi Belugas!!! was the Dolphins...

* Dolphin show was at 3:30PM- a bit late if we want to avoid the Rush Hour

* A Big Aquarium to see the fishes from a good distance

* Kimi Seahorse

* William Seahorse

...Kimi and William amused with the Starfish and Octopus in action

... it was a short visit but we will be coming back soon as we have visitors we are planning to bring here.

It's nice that they are expanding and it will be a better place to bring tourist in to show them how the Aquarium in Canada can be as nice as the big ones on some places.

* * * * *
To be in your children's memories
you have to be in their life

-Barbara Johnson

* * * * *
Stanley Park
Vancouver, B.C.

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