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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treasured MOM: Glenda

Being a mom has it's up and downs... I should say a lot of ups and a bit of downs and with a friend to be there to listen to the rants with an open heart and rave with me when there is something to be happy about makes being a mom much more of a great adventure than something scary and unknown.

Thanks to one of my Treasured MOM, Glenda. She is the first of the mom that I met way back when I was just a visitor and I am so glad that with my persistent stalking (joke!), she finally relented and decided to make me a part of her life as a friend. It is one of the greatest friendship I am enjoying right now, and I wish and pray that our friendship will be one that would surpass time and trials.

* Photo Grab from Charlie Ng

I am in awe of this super mom. She is one of those person that doesn't realize just how great she is. She goes back and forth all over the place just to bring her kids to different activities and when you see her there is always a ready smile in her face. She is always ready with a full bag of everything you may think of that a kid does and doesn't need. I sometimes wonder how she managed to put everything into that bag and everything matches from the clothing to the sibling's clothing. The kids always looks like they are walking on runways instead of just going to an ice skating lesson, a swimming lesson, art lesson, gymnastic.... you got my drift. I thought she was ready for the everyday stuff but I realized that she is just as ready when we had a 2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge. I should have known that she is well-prepared but I wasn't aware just how prepared. I just saw her pushing a stroller that looks like a short luggage which turned out to be one of those cooler bags and she had plates, utensils and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a place mat inside but I wasn't able to confirm since she stayed in a different room. She packed food in for at least for one day I guess and if some emergency happened and there is a shortage, I know whose door I am going to knock he he!

Not just a great mom, she is a great wife to Papa W. It's pretty obvious with the shout outs of endearment from W whenever there is/ or without an occasion. They also had regular dates which just goes to show how Mommy G is good at balancing being a mommy and a wife. She is a great daughter and sister to her family which I am a witness of. She makes time to chat and call just to keep in touch and it's nice that even from afar she still got that in her priorities as well. As for a friend, she is great as well, that is why I am making this post just to let her know just how much she is being appreciated.

Friendship doubles our joy
and divides our grief .

- Swedish proverbs quote

* * * * *

I LOVE YOU MOMMY G Charlie said

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